Hometown supporters show love for Phillip Phillips

Leesburg's Phillip Phillips is one step closer to becoming America's Idol. He's now in the elite top five!

The guitar strumming singer has nationwide appeal, but his biggest fan base is right here in South Georgia.

But then you have that group of kids who are only a few feet tall..but are some of his biggest supporters. "I love Phillip Phillips," said 3-year old Jackson Berringer.

Some stay up after their bedtime so watching Phillips is a real treat.

Powell Harris and Lindsay Dunnagan work at OakCrest Academy with some of his fans, and say it is surprising just how many of them know who Phillip Phillips is. "I guess they know he is from here," said Harris.

And hometown performers who make it big like Phillip Phillips and Luke Bryan gives little kids something to look up to. "Even though you are from a small town you can still go far," said Harris.

In the meantime these little fans will continue to show their support.

Even if they aren't exactly old enough to vote.

Phillip will perform again live on American Idol next Wednesday.

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