Viewpoint: Keep Albany together

There's a movement to split Albany into two cities. Some people in northwest Albany essentially want to secede.

This is a terrible idea for many reasons. First, it's not even logical. The secessionists claim they're upset with high taxes and poor financial management in the city.

Do they not realize their taxes would certainly have to go up to start new city services from the ground up? Northwest Albany is the retail hub of the city and also where much of the property tax base is located.

Taking that away from Albany would only lead to greater problems of crime and poverty which would hurt the entire region, including northwest Albany.

And we can't pretend there's not a racial component to this argument. Trying to withdraw a primarily white area from a majority black city would only further divide the region and exacerbate racial problems we should all being trying to solve.

If people in northwest Albany are so upset with problems in Albany, they need to stand up and work to fix them instead of trying to run away from them.

The only good news here is that creating a new city would be so difficult and time-consuming it has virtually no chance of happening, so those pushing the idea should drop it and start trying to make Albany a better place to live for all of us.