Viewpoint: AMA earns our support

Viewpoint: AMA earns our support

WALB aired Let's Make A Bid from the Albany Museum of Art for the 27th year a few Sundays ago.

Let's Make A Bid is the major fund raiser for the Museum, and like all those before it, the 2012 episode was a success. The AMA expects to take in a little over $50,000 from the auction.

Given the delicate state of South Georgia's economy, this is a point pride.

If you haven't completed your transaction, the museum needs you to do that soon.

Let's Make A Bid helps the museum operate throughout the year, which it does with almost zero government funding. About 99% of the museum's operating budget has to come from private sources, with no funding from city or county governments.

Museum leadership keeps the doors open without charging an admission fee. Where else can you see unique works of art from local, regional, and even nationally known artists-- and you don't even have to pay?

Another point of pride is that the AMA was just re-accredited. Of the 17,000 museums in the country, fewer than 800 are accredited by the American Association of Museums.

The Albany Museum of Art offers a cultural oasis for us all, and charges nothing.

Let's all support the AMA.