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Don't let those leftovers go to waste!

In this age of recycle and re-use, why not do the same with leftovers?

Your freezer is the perfect place to stockpile leftover ingredients that can be used in small amounts to enhance your everyday cooking. Our food pro, Devin Alexander, shares some examples of things you can freeze for later so that nothing goes to waste.

Take, for instance, coffee. How many times have you made a pot of coffee just to have a little bit left over? Well, you can freeze that in ice cube trays. Then you can use it later for ice coffee or make really fun coffee drinks.  

You can do the same thing with any excess wine. Just pour it in the ice cube trays and freeze it and transfer it into a bag. That way, when you're making that scampi or you just want to add a little bit to a marinara sauce, you don't have to pop open a bottle. You have those perfect little cubes.

Bananas are another great thing to freeze. All you have to do is grab a resealable bag, peal them, and then throw them in the freezer.

"Using your freezer in this way could not only be cost effective, it might inspire some fun cooking," adds Devin.

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