Viewer memories of WALB (Part II)


This memory of Gil Patrick involved our 10-year-old daughter in 1975 when she wrote and told him of not being able to find a record of the ‘Baba Black Sheep’ sound track music.  He so graciously found one and sent it to her.  He had made a friend for life.  She still has the record with other childhood memories. 

Mary Ann McDaniel 



I have forgotten what age I was, but I do remember for my birthday may sister took me and a friend to be on Circus Parade.  That was a great thing for me at that time.  I watched it every day and I thought the clown was the best part of the show. I always believed that he couldn't talk, then one night while the clown was visiting to roses store in Moultrie, Ga. I caught my dad talking to him, because he knew him. After that night I stopped watching the show.

And when I was a teen-ager every morning I would listen to Gil Patrick,  he was my clock for getting ready for school. I would know what time it was when he was telling the weather, or any other thing that he might be telling that he done on a daily basis.  And I was never late getting ready for the bus to come and pick me up. 


I do the same thing now in the morning with Karla and Jeff, they are my clock for getting dressed for work now.


Sue Culbreath


I am Jimmy Tabb. In the late 50's and early 60's I participated in numerous/at least five live telethons at the auditorium, which has since been renovated. Also several appearances on today in Georgia with Gil Patrick also did live interview on town and country show in 1967 following appearance on NBC special from Burbank, California. The name of this special was "Go."


 On this TV special I was performing as part of the Bryan Hyland and the Jokers band which also included local drummer Randy Brimberry. Other entertainers on this special included Ryan O’Neal, Donna Douglas (Ellie Mae Clampet of the Beverly Hillbillies) Peter Noone and the Herman's Hermits, Buffalo Springfield, Noel Harrison.


I was also on the local Saturday morning TV shows in the late 50's known as Saturday Morning Hop live on WALB. In the late 70's I performed on Town and Country promoting two original songs, "Spread the Word" and "What if Rudolph’s Nose went out?".

I have been performing for ALM! Just as long as walb has been around and am glad to see that we (me and walb) are still around to enjoy the growth and yet the small-town feeling that still exist on walb. It is like an old friend with which you can sit and reminence about the "old days" . Congratulations on 50 memorable years and looking forward to 50 more. 



Jimmy Tabb

I just wanted to say I grew up with channel 10! When I was 7, I remember watching Channel 10 with an old TV that had the old fashion knob you had to turn. I remember my family would ask me to get up and turn the channel, God we only got like 3 channels which to the best of my knowledge was channel 10, 31, 3,and something called UHF, you know the knob you turned to the channels with, you had to like tune it in, but that was 33 years ago .

I'm so glad my mom and dad at least had a TV. But some of the things I remember  about channel 10 was ,being at my grandma's  house and watching the news with them. I enjoyed watching Gil Patrick and Ducky Wall and my grand ma would always watch the Dale show, and I always liked it when she would say 'trot' or 'troll' or something like that. Also there was a lady that wore her hair up high and it was blond,  I can't remember her name, but that's some of my memories that I wanted to share.

I grew up watching channel 10 and ill continue watching it, just keep the great crew you have, yaw are the best!!!!!!!!!!    

 Sincerely, Tim Holt, Cordele



WALB just hasn't been the same in the last few years since the early morning show with gill Patrick isn't there!  I grew up with that man and watched faithfully everyday from my living room until time to go to work right here in Waycross, Georgia!

Gil gave gardening news, weather, sports news, major news.... whatever there was to be said, this man did it all!  Haven't seen anyone there do it since.  It took so many people to fill his shoes!  (but they are good also!)

I sorely miss him and wonder whatever happened to him since we never hear about him anymore.  There could never be a better early morning friend than he was to me all during those years!


Robert Bladen 

Waycross, Georgia



Ruthie Garner interviewed my father Claude Simmons in 1984 before and after he had heart bypass surgery at Phoebe Putney.  It was the beginning stages of heart bypass in Albany.  I feel my father was somehow immortalized by WALB for his contributions to the study and I appreciate knowing he is in the archives.  When my father passed away Ruthie sang at his funeral.

Thank you, 

Jan Simmons Robinson




I remember watching Clem Clown on TV in the afternoons when walb had a program for kids that showed cartoons. Also I met Susan Seaforth Hayes and Doug Hayes at a telethon that the station had that was a neat experience.

Lisa Steedley




Grady Shadburn was my grandfather, and I grew up hearing about his exploits on his many television shows. Whether it was a relative or a total stranger telling me about their birthday party on Captain Mercury,  watching Ringo on TV, or having met him in person, I just remembered my grandfather, and having him at Channel 10 every Christmas as I opened a Christmas gift from "Santa Claus". He passed away this past November, but I am reminded of him often in those who knew and loved him as his many different on-air personalities.


Amy Griffin


I remember a dance show ch.10 had back in the 50's. My sister Shirley, my two cousins
Barney Charles, and myself, [Bernice] drove to Albany to be on the show. I can't remember who the host was. We watched the show on TV. And enjoyed it very much. I think it came on Saturday. It was a lot of fun.


Bernice Peacock




I remember being a little girl and going on channel 10 when Clem Clown was on air.  I remember meeting the real Batman, Robin and Catwoman when I was little. I was very fortunate that my dad, Bruce Pate knew a lot of people with channel 10 so I was able to appear on their children's shows a lot.


Connie Pate Justiss Lundy




I was living in Albany when channel 10 got started and it has always been a favorite of mine. I appeared on the noon show when the late Gil Patrick, who was loved by so many of us, hosted it. You people come into ou, r homes every day and we begin to think of you as part of the family. Congratulations on 50 years of excellent service. Thanks for keeping us up to date and for all the public service you do. We love you.




Jane Gandy, now living in Tifton 

God bless America




I'm sure I had many birthday parties as a child, but my most memorable by far was being on the Captain Mercury show. I was able to sit at the controls and "dial up" the cartoons. Captain Mercury was larger than life in his space suit. He could not have impressed this 5 year old any more if he had been the first man to land on the moon.

Years later I was able to know the man in the suit who made such an impression on me as a 5 year old. Grady Shadburn and his family attended the same church with my family. It was my pleasure to see week after week, this larger than life hero of many children, was the kind of individual real-life heroes are made of. He was a patient, caring husband, father and community leader. He always had a friendly smile and kind word for anyone who might cross his path, especially all the children chasing after him to say "hello" to Captain Mercury.

WALB and Albany were truly blessed to have had been able to share in the life of Mr. Grady "Captain Mercury" Shadburn.

Lisa Everson Jenkins 

Blakely, Georgia




Growing up in Worth County, WALB was always a part of my family's afternoon and evening--mostly for the news from McClure and Cannady, weather from Gil Patrick, and sports with ducky wall.  It was always fun to watch Gil and imagine how he came up with all those forecasts with such limited technology.  I especially liked the marker-board he drew on to show highs and lows and frontal boundaries!

Gil's coffee cup collection was always a favorite on today in Georgia.  Ruthie garner and her interesting guests and recipes on town & country were great! 

~Brian Holt

Statesboro, Ga. 




Hello, I am Jo Hughes, and I was there as WALB was being built, after being hired as the manager, Tommy Stillwagon's private secretary. I later became Walbo the clown and, later the hostess of town & country, with the forgettable J o's Joyland passing somewhere in between.


Ask Sam Smith about our wonderful refueling mission we made with the Air Force at Turner field (we refueled a B-47 over the Great Lakes after passing the training at Moody AFB) and Sam filmed the entire mission.



 I could go on and on about sets falling, microphones not working, how proud we were to go to color, and how many of us were dared to climb the new tower outside. (I was one who made it to the top with the help of the chief engineer John Rivard.) It was exciting to be there in the beginning, and I trust the future will be just as exciting.

Jo Hughes

Dalton, Ga 30720




When I was a little girl my dad woke us up every morning to get ready for school and the first thing I seen on TV was Gil Patrick’s face. I loved seeing those coffee cups behind him. I even thought about sending him one because I seen him so much. I remember when he got sick and I missed him being on my TV in the mornings. 


Thank you WALB for bringing us the news first.    

Thank you,

 Jennifer Terry





My memories of WALB.  I am 43 now and can remember WALB as a child very well.  A few of my favorite memories are from my childhood and my teen years.

I remember coming in from school to watch circus parade from WALB. although I never got to go to see it live, I remember seeing friends who were there.  Who I remember most was Clem Clown.  He would balance a broom and I thought it was cool. He would balance it in the palm of his hand, on 1 finger, on his nose and on his chin. There is no telling how many lamps were broken in homes by children copying this trick.

Another memory is Ducky Wall's computer picks for college and pro football.  He would announce the computer picks while the computer rolled the picked scores on the screen behind him.  This was great debating material with friends and co-workers. If  I missed the picks i would find out from someone who saw it. When I didn't agree with his computer I would call Ducky crazy and for his picks and say "He needs to junk that thing".



Sounds like this years college football BCS picks.  Maybe the NCAA got the idea from WALB and Ducky.   

I also remember the passion that Ducky had for high school football. He would make his picks on Thursday between area teams and Friday would show up the game of the week to cover it. If the team (Tift County) was picked to lose and they won! It was tuff on him, because we fans would give him down the country.

I appreciate WALB’s passion for high school area sports. Especially the football coverage.

Craig Moore




Early in the 1970's, I was asked to develop a Georgia Emergency Medical Service program by then Governor Carter.  As that project required extensive public and governmental support, a major part of the project was to educate Georgia citizens about what made up an EMS program.

Fortunately, WALB agreed to help disseminate that information through 911 and other PSA's and more importantly, participation on several Town and Country programs.  Their crews also covered several of the field training programs as noted in the enclosed photographs. 

One of the most exciting moments was when Susie Jacobs agreed to play the roll of a hostage during a meeting without the knowledge of the audience as to what was truly the case. Her facial and vocal expressions will always remain a memory to me and the other attendees.



Without the assistance of the Georgia media, especially the WALB-TV staff, I have no doubt that the project would not have been as successful in the allotted developmental time frame.  It was a pleasure to work with people like Susie, Gil Patrick and most notably, my friend jerry Cannady. 

Charles B.  Gillespie, MD


I grew up in Coffee County, halfway between Douglas and Nicholls. Back in the late 60's, I suppose I was in the 4th or 5th grade.  There was no such thing as cable in the country and we got 2 channels. 10 and 8 (public TV).

I used to watch Circus Parade because each week they gave out a letter or number that had to be used to create a picture.  Each week they selected a winner from everyone that mailed in an entry.  Although I never won, I enjoyed trying. "Golden Flake" were the sponsors but I can't remember the show host's name.

And in the early 80's when truck bogging was the rage around Coffee County, I remember going to my first one near Broxton. Gil Patrick was the mc for this Sunday afternoon event. People were jesting and poking fun at Gil cause his weather reports had been a bit off lately. He stood up announced that he could promise us all 100% that there would be no rain today on this beautiful clear sunny day.

 Well, not more than a couple hours later, a storm came out of nowhere, it seemed.  The rain was so heavy that the bogging was canceled.  I Kinda felt sorry for the over confident weather man that day. I am 46 this year and I have enjoyed growing up with WALB.

Thank you--

Karen Purvis

Douglas, Ga.


When the lamb triplets were born in 1987 in Colquitt County it was announced on the morning show. Then in 1987 they appeared on town and country with Ruthie garner in the year 2003 they turned 16 again the mid day show evening news and the morning show featured this big event. We have watched walb as they had tower problems and waited patiently till they would reappear. They have become a major part of our household.

Thank you WALB for at least 36 years of viewing pleasure for me.  And of course as a country boy with no cable you were the station who brought everything to us via the airways.  Clem Clown, Circus Parade.



My gosh, where have the years gone?  So much have you brought to "our" world in South Ga!!  And what really surprised me is when I was on vacation in Washington D. C. last year we were at one of the museums, and right there in front of us is this great big "WALB TV Albany, Ga. camera.  It made the world shrink a lot and me feel a little bigger seeing that camera in the capital of our great nation.

Thanks for all the amazing things that you've brough, t , to and continue to bring to all of us in South Ga.


John Bowers   


< /SPAN> 



Well WALB is about to be 50, and I am only 21. But as far back as I can remember I have watched WALB for the news. 



When I was in elementary school I would get up and watch Gil Patrick and all his coffee mugs while waiting for the bus.  I would especially make sure I tuned in when my grandaddy (Butch Griffin) would be on there, which was usually around fair time. 



But as long as I live in South Georgia I will use WALB for my news.

Duston Griffin

Fitzgerald, Georgia 




Thank you all for sooo many wonderful moments in our lives that we share daily and from all our friends overseas. You have brought so many smiles to us and you should know that all of us support you.

We love you and thank you for the tears also, the staff is so pleasant and friendly all the time, in this time of life we all should join together and let you know how very deeply we do care and will always be here to lend a hand in whatever we can do to show our support.

We watch daily and we love you. you make us feel like family, happy anniversary, and many more!!!! :) 

Kathie Bruce


Congratulations WALB!  My early memories are Captain Mercury. I won a giant Tootsie Roll with surprises inside and was allowed to go to the control board and twist switches to "start"  the Three Stooges. 

Later I was thrilled to meet Mingo (Ed Ames) from the Daniel Boone series when he was a guest down here.  You have been a wonderful supporter of our community, and I remember specifically the many promotions you did for the local boy scouts when I was younger. 

hanks for the great memories. 


Michael S. Meyer von Bremen