Viewpoint: T-SPOLST is worthwhile

The regional T-SPLOST referendum will be on the ballot in July. This is a new tax that would fund $453 million worth of road projects that leaders say are vital for Southwest Georgia.

A couple of them are, the widening of Clark Avenue in Albany, and widening Highway 133 between Albany and Moultrie. If passed, the one percent regional sales tax would be in place for ten years.

Supporters remind us that the money collected in our region will stay in our region.

"All these projects are local," said Heath Garrett with Connect Georgia. "100% of the dollars are spent in this region. It can't be taken to Atlanta or Washington and be wasted by folks up there. It is a great opportunity for us in the southwest Georgia region to control our own destiny."

We would liked to have seen this referendum on the November ballot, when we'll be voting for president.

Though we don't like the idea of raising taxes, we support this tax, because we believe it would benefit South Georgia.