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Why energy drinks & alcohol don't mix

People who down too many energy drinks to get a boost may get rushed to the emergency room instead.
Lots of people are downing energy drinks these days. They are marketed as a low-calorie way to give yourself a boost anytime you need it. 

According to Dr. Tom Tallman of the Cleveland Clinic, there is a big problem with mixing these potent drinks with booze. The effects can be harmful and misleading. 

"A significant, greater number of men go to the emergency department than women," he observes. "The thought of having an energy drink with an alcoholic drink means, ‘I can stay awake longer and drink more and then maybe I won't feel the effects of the alcohol so much.'"

That wrong-headed thinking makes it harder to know when to say "when."

"You don't necessarily feel the effects of the alcohol, so people don't realize as to exactly how drunk they get and they might think they're okay to drive," says Todd Simmons.

And it's never okay to drink and drive...never.       

"I personally don't drink a lot of energy drinks, but my husband does," says Jennifer Bradley. "As far as the mixed drink, I don't like them because they make my heart race." 

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