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DEA called to investigate Wilcox Co. drug bust


The Wilcox County Sheriff's investigators say they've discovered two men were sending drug money to Cuba.

These are pictures of more than 200 marijuana plants Wilcox County Sheriff's investigators seized in woods off Double Run Road, Tuesday.  They charged Nelson Garcia and Randy Verdera with drug manufacturing and trafficking.

Now, deputies say this crime may be bigger.

"With the amount of marijuana and the amount of money being transferred, that's something we need to bring in the higher ups for," said Wilcox County Drug Unit Agent Sgt. Justin Rutherford.

Drug agents now say that Garcia and Verdera were sending drug money back to Cuba and now they're seeking help from the DEA.

"With it being strictly drug related and everything from the drug activity that spawned the other criminal activity and because of the way they are transferring the money we need federal assistance on that," said Sgt. Rutherford.

Sgt. Rutherford says the pair was sending money to Cuba via money orders and although the two are Cuba natives they have been in the states for years.

"They both have licenses that lead back to Miami although they've been here in Georgia for at least the last 2 years," said Sgt. Rutherford.

So far, agents have only seized cars, growing materials and the marijuana plants. They yet to know if any other drugs were involved.

"For what we have right now, it's all marijuana grown here in South Georgia. There could be more, but we're still far the end with the case on that," Sgt. Rutherford.

They hope help from the DEA will provide more answers.

Investigators are still looking for two other suspects in this case. They are Levi Owens and Stacy Corbett.

If you have any information about them, call the Wilcox county Sheriff's Office at 229-467-2322.

Wilcox County Sheriff Cory Ramirez says he's making a point to reach out to other agencies such as the DEA, Georgia State Patrol and other local authorities to help keep illegal narcotics off the streets.

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