Viewpoint: Hillard re-hire sends the wrong message

The decision to return Claire Fox Hillard as Music Director for the Albany Symphony Orchestra sends a terrible message to community, especially our black community and to our youth.

The Albany Symphony board has said to African Americans, we have no respect or sensitivity for you, and to our young people, they have said it is ok to do wrong, as long as you know the right people.

I'm sure that is the reason several board members and employees did the right thing, and resigned, after this very poor decision.

This quick re-hiring makes many question, was his firing just a hoax?

Was it all just for show?

Was this deal in the works all the time?

Local businesses know it sometimes takes months, to find the right employee for a particular job. It is clear there was another agenda at work here. What is the purpose of having a board of directors, when major Symphony donors can pressure the board to bend to their will?

When personal friendships overrides integrity, there is no creditability in their actions. It is this kind of thinking and actions, that keeps Albany at the level of, that City with great potential.

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