Digging Deeper: How Phillips is handling Idol pressures

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Lee County's Phillip Phillips will compete Wednesday night to make it to the top seven on American Idol.

Tuesday night, we told you his father gave up his job so he can make the trips to Hollywood cheer on Phillip.

This Wednesday and Thursday night he'll be home in Lee County, allowing friends to use the tickets.

In just an hour Lee County's Phillip Phillips will take the national stage again, singing for his chance to remain in the competition. As the field narrows his family is thankful to the community that's helped them keep making trips to California and who continue to vote for Phillips.

"There are more good people in this world than there are bad," said Phillip Phillips Sr. Phillip's father.

It was Phillips' father who pushed him to try out in July, after graduating from Albany Tech's maintenance and electronics program and turning down his father's offer to find him a job at the Marine Base.

"I said try out for American Idol, he said I don't know about that, I begged him I said just try one time so he did and here we are," said Phillips.

Despite the attention Phillips has remained grounded.

"He doesn't like the spotlight, he likes to do his music and he really don't know how good he is, and how good looking he is," said Phillips.

After being razzed about his style it's likely the Lee County man will continue to stick to his guns.

"When it comes down to him music if it ain't, he's very ticky on how he wants something to sound, and he's going to stick to it, if it don't sound right he's not going to do it," said Phillips.

The show revealed, Phillips strength when despite kidney stone surgery he still performed, and while he'll need more intestinal surgery, Phillips wants to make it to the finale.

"He's got to have reconstructive surgery sometime down the road," said Phillips.

Wednesday night he'll need America's votes to sing again.

Voting is open for two hours after the show. You can call in or vote online. Phillips parents plan to be in Hollywood again next week to see their son. An account for the family has been set up at SB&T.

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