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Young boy barely escapes crashing car


A Dougherty County man is very thankful that his five year old grandson was not hurt when a car crashed into their yard and knocked over some mailboxes.

A five-year old boy was playing in the yard Monday when he saw a car come crashing in his driveway. His grandfather was in the house when it all happened.
He says his grandson could have gotten seriously hurt. "Neighbors told us that the boys jumped out of the car and they hit that lady's mailbox," said Michael Lee Jackson. "Hit our mailbox and knocked our mailbox down. Ty was out there playing. They almost got hit by the car. He ran in the house."

Five-year old Ty says he didn't see the passengers flee the car, but he did see the car as it was approaching.

"Yes, and the mailbox just crashed," he said.

We put in numerous calls to the Dougherty County Sheriff's office to try to find out who is responsible for the property damage and why they ran. They did not respond.
Jackson says there are not many cars driving fast on their road. "The only thing that frightened me was when we came outside and a car was in our yard," said Jackson.

He also did not see anyone leave from the car. But, he knows based on his grandson's behavior, it could have been bad.

"He didn't want to go back outside no more today," said Jackson. "His friend was out in the back yard playing on the people next door's swing. He wouldn't even go outside and play on his swing."

The family was still upset about the situation when we talked to them. They are all okay, but Ty was still upset.

"I ran in the house because I was scared," said the five-year old.

Jackson says this close call will force his grandson to stay in the back yard.

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