It's Phillip Phillips Wednesday in Lee County

FITZGERALD, GA (WALB) - In case you didn't know it, Leesburg native Phillip Phillips has made it to the top nine of American Idol. His raspy unique sound and your votes has carried him for weeks throughout the competition.

Tonight, the remaining nine contestants will perform songs of their favorite idols. Today is Phillip Phillips Wednesday and will continue to be that way until he wins American Idol or is voted off.

Leesburg Mayor Jim Quinn made that declaration a few weeks ago. Phillips voice has continued to impress the judges for weeks.

He hasn't been in the bottom three at all during the whole competition. He's been sticking to who he is no matter how many stars tell him to change, and that may take him all the way to the final two according to The website says Phillip has about a 9 to 4 shot at winning.

According to sources, his family is having to spend $3,000 to fly from Leesburg To LA. That can add up especially since his been in the competition for weeks.

That's why certain businesses in Albany and Leesburg will donate a portion of  Today's proceeds to his family. You can donate to the Phillips Family Fund at the Bank of Leesburg in Lee County.

Check your local listings to find out what time and channel American Idol comes on.

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