Viewpoint: What is the school year?

Several school systems in Georgia are now on a year-round calendar.

Kids still attend school 180 days a year, but in most cases, they're in class for 45 days, off for 15 days, then return to class.

Recently, Dougherty School Superintendent Joshua Murfree suggested Dougherty County schools convert to year-round school-- and we think that's a good idea.

At a public forum on the issue, some teachers complained about losing their summer-long vacations if we convert to year-round school.

But we think it would benefit students to not be out of the classroom for three months at a time.

Students get bored over the summer. They also tend to forget a lot that they learned in class.

Year-round school would keep education as a focal point in their lives.

And shorter vacations might even increase retention rates.

The Year-round calendar is successful in other school systems, and would work well here in Dougherty County, too.

We encourage our school board members to support our superintendent on this idea and help move our school system in a direction that will benefit our students. >