Viewpoint: Charter schools create cooperation

You'll get a chance to decide whether to change the state Constitution to make it easier to start charter schools. Both the state House and Senate passed a Constitutional amendment referendum that will go on the ballot in November.

It would clarify state law after the state Supreme Court ruled the Georgia Charter Schools Commission was illegally creating charter schools.

You should educate yourself on the issue and decide for yourself whether to support it, but we're just pleased members of both parties at the state capitol worked together on an issue for a change.

The initial version of the bill did not get the two-thirds majority needed to pass because Democrats were concerned it would take too much money away from already struggling local schools.

Republican and Democratic leaders worked together to make changes to the bill that satisfied most of the opponents. That's the way government is supposed to work. Lawmakers working together to come up a compromise.

It's sad that has become the exception rather than the rule, but we're glad to see it can still happen when politicians put their minds to it.