Leesburg gives Phillips key to the city

Phillip Phillips performed live again Wednesday night on American Idol. He's found the key to many fans' hearts. Now, The mayor of Leesburg has given his parents the key to the city in his honor.

Jim Quinn, Mayor Of Leesburg says, "This morning I presented a key to the city to Phillip Phillips' parents."

Rob Coulter, Albany Uncovered Editor says, "He actually gave it to Phillip but since Phillip is in Hollywood his parents accepted it."

Phillips fever has been buzzing all around town with T-shirts and watch parties..The city even gave the American idol contestant his own day.

Jim Quinn, Mayor Of Leesburg says, "As mayor of Leesburg I declared every Wednesday Phillip Phillips day, it's a day to get behind Phillip and remember to vote for him on American Idol."

But this is more than just a day to get together and vote. It's also a chance to support his family as businesses joined forces for the Phillips.

Coulter says, "In exchange for advertising, they are willing to donate a flat amount to Phillips family, or a portion of their gross profits that they make on Phillips Phillips day."

Flying from Albany to Los Angeles to watch Phillip perform isn't cheap. As he continues to advance on the show, the expenses are piling up.

Coulter says, "Friday morning they will put those funds into a special account at the bank of Lee County and his dad is going to use that to pay for he and his wife's expenses back and forth to Hollywood."

Supporters say if anyone the Phillip's family deserves it.

Coulter says, "They are great people and its nice to see what the community can do when it gets behind them."

And the city of Leesburg will continue to root for him as well.

"We are just proud of him and want him to know we are behind him in every way," says Mayor Quinn.

As every note will hopefully keep in him Hollywood a little longer.