Viewpoint: Change the gas tax

Ninth District Republican Congressman Tom Graves did an editorial in the AJC recently that caught our attention, and it's a good example of government out of control.

Graves said that the three cents per gallon gas tax that started in 1956 to build the Interstate road system was supposed to go to a penny and a half a gallon in 1972.

And after the roads were built, the tax should have ended.

But neither one happened.

Now, the federal gas tax is over 18 cents a gallon, and some say it isn't enough.

Adding insult to injury, Graves says that our state puts in more money to the Highway Trust Fund than it receives from the federal government.

He says that from 2005 through 2009, Georgians lost $839 million in gas revenue to the federal government, and some of your hard-earned money went to things that have nothing to do keeping up the interstates - things such as bike paths and walking trails.

Nothing against bike paths and walking trails, but this is money we have to save for our gas tanks, so we can get to work!

Graves has offered legislation that would let the states keep the highway money they collect, so they can spend the money on highway projects as they see fit.

We support this plan. Let the tax money that we spend on gas, which we all must have, stay in Georgia-- to support Georgia roads.

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