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Instant Drug Test for Spice

Synthetic marijuana is becoming an increasing popular drug in South Georgia.  And now drug agents have a new way to test for it.

Until now, there was no quick test to detect spice or K2.

An Albany drug test company says employers demanded an affordable, instant test for prospective employees, and they will soon have one. Drug agents say it's needed, because spice is being more prevalent.

Urine tests like these in the past could detect marijuana, cocaine, or meth use, but not spice. But now technology is catching up with this latest drug trend. 

Synthetic marijuana like this is now illegal in Georgia, but you can still find it for sale in some convenience stores and smoke shops...potentially available even to young children.

 Mobile Drug Testing Compliance Technician Quinton Butler said "This is unfortunately a growing epidemic. It seems like the drugs are getting heavier and heavier."

Drug agents agree they are seeing more spice or K2.

 A.D.D.U.Commander Major Bill Berry said "Yes, it is a major problem here in Dougherty County, as well as other counties around us. We've seen it, we're hearing lots of complaints."

And employers, trying to maintain a drug free workplace, wanted to be able to drug test employees instantly, and more cheaply than sending off for lab testing. In March Mobile Drug Testing in Albany will provide these instant tests for spice because of the growing demand.

Butler said "It just goes in right here. Five minutes your done."

Most of the synthetic marijuana is advertised as a mixture of herbs, but also contain chemicals that induce hallucinogenic results.

ADDU Sgt. Victor Camp said "We have things out there for the cocaine, the marijuana, the meth. Spice being a problem, I'm glad that they've come out with something for spice."

Employers who hire more transitional people say the test is needed for their protection.

 Butler said "It's safer. When you have a drug free environment. Less call ins, less accidents. It just makes a company run a lot smoother."

Beating drug tests has become an industry of it's own, even advertising in magazines. Drug agents who see how powerful K2 or spice can be, say it's something employers want to keep off their job.

 Camp said "It they are under the influence of some kind of controlled substance, and they cause a major accident, it's the innocent people that mostly suffer."

The tests cost about $19 , or Mobile Drug Testing will administer them for about $32. In states where the tests are now available, parents are big customers as well as employers. 

The Mobile Drug Testing company also has a program called SAFER, to teach parents and schools about narcotics and testing . Spice or K2 is what they call the latest wave they teach now.

Some manufacturers have changed their chemical formulas to try to get around Georgia's law outlawing synthetic marijuana.

To find out more about the new spice instant tests, click here.

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