Special Report: What is Love?

It is a question that people spend many years of their life trying to answer. It is said that you know it when you see it. But, we want to try to explain it.

'Love' is one word and four letters that are used to describe life's most important relationships.

One South Georgia Pastor says the Greeks did a much better job of describing what love is. They had four different words for it.

"But, the greatest definition of love that they have is something called agape love. That is the kind of love that gives without expecting anything in return. I think that is the sort of love that we should have for people and love that we should have for God." said Tim Bice, Lead Pastor Greenbriar Church.

That means different kinds of love have different characteristics. "Everybody likes that ice cream and cake kind of 'I'm in love.' I'm head over heels. All I can think about is this person. That is sort of that sugar rush love. That love can't be sustained,"  said Andy Martin, Insight Personal Counselor.

Our culture displays love through many different kinds of symbols. They are icons where passion for something or someone is expressed. They come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. They all represent pride.

"This country has given me so much and blessed me so much that I would die for this country. In fact, when I went to Vietnam, I almost died a couple of times," said Vietnam Veteran Charles Nicholson.

Other people love that they have obtained and then sustained love. One couple who took their vows more than 45 years ago says it is all about each other.

"Caring for her in every way. Doing as much as possible of what she expects from me. Just remember your vows. You set them. Now, do them," said Chuck Roberts, who's been  married over 45 years.

For others, it's love of a team or university.  "I feel very attached to the sports program there because I love sports so much. But, I also think that you get to know the kids, you get to know the coaches and you hurt when they hurt," said Dee Matthews.

Some love is comical. Third grader Mattison Mills has a very playful reason for why she loves her parents most.  "Because they buy me stuff."

At it's core, love is not complicated. In fact, it is pretty simple.  "You truly do stuff for them. You really like them. You're just really nice to them. You think that they are all of the above and stuff," said third grader Jordan Davis.

And whether you admit it, everybody needs love of some kind in their life. "It's certainly psychologically necessary. It is also physiologically necessary. In order for any animal to thrive, it needs to be accepted," Andy Martin said.

The actual process of acquiring love does not match what the fairy tales say.

"You don't fall in love, you do love," Bice said. "Love is a choice. It is not an emotion. Love is an action. It is an action verb. It is not a noun. Love is what you do. I think we also confine ourselves to thinking that love is only tender. But, sometimes love is tough."

One thing all of these people have in common, they say that love is about giving. And love's effects aren't just emotional. Love can make you feel better physically. When you sense love, the brain releases chemicals that energize your body.

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