Viewpoint: See history in 'Red Tails'

We all love a good movie, and some of the best films are based on actual events.

There's one such film playing now, and you have a chance to combine entertainment with a history lesson.

We're talking about the recent release of "Red Tails."

This action movie tells an important story that hasn't been taught to our young people enough.

It's about the young black men who became some of the best pilots America produced during World War II.

Albany played a role in training pilots for war at Darr Aero Tech, and that would probably make a good movie too.

But Red Tails is based on what happened just across the Chattahoochee River at Tuskegee, Alabama.

Georgians are involved in the movie, and were part of the Red Tails themselves.

The "Red Tails" became pilots when nearly all black men were placed in segregated units, or were relegated to menial military positions.

In society at large, things were much worse for black men.

In a time when a black man is our president, it's good that we learn the realities that existed two or three generations ago.

Check out Red Tails, and you'll have a better appreciation of American history, and how vital it was that, together, WE won World War II.

And we did so with the help of Americans, who did not always receive the kind of treatment that we've come to expect from society.