Rx for Brown Skin


Based on more than 20 year of research, Rx for Brown Skin offers the first-ever skin care solution for women of color, created by a dermatologist and woman of color, Dr. Susan Taylor.

The Rx for Brown Skin Philosophy: Brown skin is special and requires a customized care solution.

Brown skin comes in many colors:

Women with brown skin, whether we are from North, South, or Latin America, (New York, Los Angeles, Brazil or Mexico) Caribbean or Pacific Islands (Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Guam, Samoa or Tonga) South Asia (India, Pakistan, Indonesia or the Philippines) Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Senegal or Cape Town)

We all share similar skin concerns.

Brown skin has unique properties:

•Brown skin is sensitive, easily irritated and susceptible to developing uneven skin tones and discolorations. Many ingredients in mainstream skin care products can exacerbate this condition.

•Brown skin requires products that are formulated specifically for its unique characteristics (the "one size fits all" theory is not appropriate)

•Brown skin is ever evolving, that is, it changes from day to day and from season to season depending upon environmental factors such as the heat, humidity, wind, and cold. Internal factors such as diet, stress, menstrual cycle or illness may also have a profound effect upon brown skin.

Therefore, brown skin needs a customized solution.