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Sell your old cell phone

If you have been salivating over the new iPhone but you just can't fit it into your budget, there is a way to make some money on your old cell phone! 

Web sites like are offering cash for cell phones and all kinds of electronics, from desk top computers to gaming stations.

Josh Roberts purchased the iPhone 4s and instantly was a fan.

"This device has revolutionized the way I do my job," Roberts said. "In the morning I get up, get my coffee, pick up my iPhone and log onto all the web sites where I get my news, NY Times, CNN, I'll spend an hour gathering my news on this, and it is incredibly fast."

Roberts has been a fan of the iPhone since he first purchased the iPhone 3s almost three years ago.

When the new iPhone 4s was available, Roberts found himself in line before the sun came up ready for his new phone.  But what could he do with the old one?

That is when he discovered

"It's like trading in a car; you trade in your old car on a new car, in the same way you trade in your old phone for a new one," he said. The site makes it pretty simple to get rid of your phone or electronic device. 

When we walked through the steps, Josh discovered he would get $110 for his old iPhone 3s, which was in pretty good condition.

When asked if he was worried about information on his old phone getting into the wrong hands, he said Apple makes it pretty easy through iTunes. 

But if you don't have an Apple device, promises to wipe your device of all information stored on it, whether it's a phone or a laptop. 

The company makes it pretty simple to get the transaction done. It sends you the packaging and shipping label.  You just have to drop your device in the box and wait to get paid.  The site will also give you an option to donate the money. and other web sites are also promoting the concept that your electronics don't end up in a landfill. 

As for Roberts, he is very happy with the price they've given him for a phone that was just collecting dust.

And if it turns out your phone isn't worth that much, you could donate it to Cell Phones for Soldiers. The group has raised more than $7 million and provided more than 114,000,000 minutes of free talk time to men and women serving in the United States military.

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