Viewpoint: The financial cost of dog attacks

Rarely a week goes by that we don't hear about a dog attacking a human or another animal.

While occasionally the aggressive dogs are strays, more often, they are someone's pet.

In one of the more recent attacks, a chow mauled a tiny Yorkie mix, while its owner stood nearby.

Now, the owner of the dog that was attacked is left with more than a thousand dollars worth of vet bills.

Not only should the Chow owner pay those vet bills, the owner of any aggressive dog that causes harm to people or other animals should be held responsible for damage they cause.

It's time for dog owners to assume control of and responsibility for their dogs, especially if the dog is a breed that's known to have aggressive tendencies.

If you own a dog that can be aggressive, take precautions to protect people and other animals.

Keep your animals in your control, don't let them roam free.

Know if there is a leash law in your county. If you have an invisible fence, make sure the shock collar is on, and in working order.

Make sure their shots are up to date, and be prepared to assume the cost of damage they cause.