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Clerk's electronic data fully recovered

Hard copies of the documents are on file in the clerk's office, but it would be a monumental task for her office to re-enter all the missing data in a computer. Hard copies of the documents are on file in the clerk's office, but it would be a monumental task for her office to re-enter all the missing data in a computer.

A computer glitch at the Dougherty County Clerk of Court's office that could have caused "monumental" problems has been fixed.

More than 11 months of records from Dougherty County civil and criminal cases disappeared from their computer files Wednesday.

This afternoon they were restored, but the city Information Technology folks aren't sure what happened. Clerk of Superior Court Evonne Mull says fortunately the computer back up worked as it was supposed to. If it had failed it could have meant a monumental amount of work.

Now she has already taken steps to make sure the glitch doesn't happen again. @

Workers at the Dougherty County Clerk of Courts office were relieved when their computer backups restored all the data files since February 11th, 2011 until January 18th, that just disappeared Wednesday.

"I'm very happy. Very pleased. We're carrying on business as usual now," said Clerk of Courts Evonne Mull.

All of the hard copy records were never jeopardized. It was the computer records of those thousands of files from every civil and criminal case in the county. This is just one criminal case file. If lost, they would have had all had to be re-entered and scanned by hand again.

"It would have taken us a year to get it in. At least a year," Mull said.

This is the city of Albany and Dougherty County Information Technology Server Room. Every Monday the power is cut to the powerful hardware that runs all the computer systems for the city and county, to test it's back up generator. Martin Luther King Day, when most employees were on holiday, the test went on as usual, but one leg did not come back up. Wednesday the glitch showed up in the Clerk's office, but I.T. is not sure what happened. 

"If I had to say what might have happened, it would be a long shot. But if there was a surge it could have affected the server. But there is no log indicating that occurred on the hardware side," said Information Technology Department Director John Antoniewicz.

Mull is happy the backup from her case management company worked, but is still concerned.  "I do want to know what happened. I guess we'll know at some point."

The I.T. department continues to look into the computer glitch, to find out what happened, and make sure their hardware doesn't have any issues.

Evonne Mull has worked with her case management service, that provides the back up system, to make sure it is reliable. Now they will test the back up programs daily.

She recommends anyone that keeps data should make sure those back ups are in place and working properly. Mull had already applied for overtime for her office workers to re-input all those files.

Fortunately, they won't have to do that.

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