Viewpoint: Small schools get a level playing field

The Georgia High School Association last week voted to hold separate championships in all sports for public and private schools in Class A.

The move will most likely keep a large number of small public schools, many here in south Georgia, from leaving the GHSA to form their own league.

The Class A public schools believe they are not able to compete on a level field against private schools who are able and have to recruit students.

To back up their claim,  The public schools point to the high number of state titles private schools have won in Class A in all GHSA athletic and academic competitions.

Private schools are naturally not happy and now some of them are said to be considering leaving the GHSA for the Georgia Independent School Association.

If some of them do,  it might be best for everyone concerned since the GISA membership consists of private schools who have similar missions and also have to recruit students.

The disturbing trend in high school sports is the emphasis for some private and public high schools to win+ championships.

While the purpose of athletic competition is to of course to win, it is also important to have students participating in the extracurricular athletic and academic activities.

And it is hard to get kids to put down their computer games and ipods to take part in activities when even they can see the playing field is not fair.

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