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Mother, daughter plan to sue over dog attack

Little Rylee, a female Yorkiepoo who only weighs only five pounds, is in a pink body cast, Monday night, recovering from a brutal attack by a chow.

"It grabbed the dog up by its midsection and chomped down on her so hard that it broke two ribs and gave her four puncture wounds in her chest," said Sarah Williams.

Williams' daughter, Amy, was walking Rylee outside her UGA apartment when the chow attacked last week.

Rylee spent the night in ICU at the UGA veterinary clinic, underwent tests and surgery.

"We've already accrued somewhere around $1200 and now it's just building up," said Williams.

The chow that attacked the little dog was running loose in the apartment complex.

Attorney Joe Durham says it's imperative that dog owners keep their pets on a leash because it may be the difference between getting sued or not.

"If the town or county that the owner resides in has a leash law and they're out of compliance of that leash law, that in it of itself is enough for the owner to be held liable for any damages caused by the attack of the dog," said Durham.

Durham says if you own a dog with a history of being vicious, the best thing for you to have is some form of home owner's insurance in case of a dog bite.

"If you own a dog that you think might have violent propensities or you're worried it'll do something, get in touch with your insurance agent and make sure that will be covered," said Durham.

Williams says her daughter will likely have to sue.

"She really has to do it to cover her bills. She's just a student and has 1200 dollars in vet bills," said Williams.

Hopefully, they won't have to go through this again.

Lawyers say apartment complex owners could also be held liable if they allow dangerous dogs to run loose on their property.


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