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Fatal dog attack leads to proposed legislation

South Georgia lawmakers are working on a bill to protect people from dangerous dogs after a fatal dog attack in Lowndes County.

They introduced legislation that would punish owners whose dogs are not properly secured and attacked someone.

40-year old Misti Wyno was walking home from her next door neighbor's house last month when their pit bull killed her.

A new bill could charge dog owners with felonies, send them to prison, and or fine them up to $20,000 if their dog seriously injuries or kills someone.

"I hope this law is one of those laws that are passed and then put to the side and never implemented," said Valdosta Lowndes County Humane Society Executive Director John Gates.

John Gates would also like one addition to the law.

 "I would like to see one step further that animals being sold on the side of the road be stopped immediately in the state of Georgia," said Gates.

Jimmy Watkins who lives near where Misti Wyno was attacked believes pit bulls have been inbred over the years.

"They're dangerous," said Watkins. "They've been inbred so much they don't have any sense anymore. They're bred to fight and kill and that's what they do."

Lawmakers say the bill would protect people from potentially dangerous dogs.

"It's wonderful if they can get it pushed through," said Watkins.

"It finally woke up some people in Atlanta but it took a lady's life to lose over an animal attack," said Gates.

John Gates says he thanks the lawmakers for speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves, the dogs.

The owner of the dog that killed Misti Wyno has not been charged.

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