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Coast Guard comes to Albany Tech

One of the highest ranking women in the U.S. military was in Albany, hoping to build a partnership between the U.S. Coast Guard and Albany Technical College.

Rear Admiral Sandra Stosz is the Superintendent of the Coast Guard Academy, the first woman to lead a U.S. military academy.      

She believes Albany Tech can help prepare south Georgians for high tech careers in the Coast Guard.     

Coast Guard officials said they were impressed with the Albany Tech campus, and while nothing is set in stone, both sides hope that they can form some type of partnership that will benefit the school and the Coast Guard.

Today, top Coast Guard Academy officials visited Albany Technical College to take a look at the college's engineering technology programs.  "We, in the military, recognize the value that technical engineering education as the world becomes a more technical place," US Coast Guard Academy Superintendent Rear Admiral Sandra Stosz.

Rear Admiral Sandra Stosz says Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, also known as STEM, careers are in high demand and students who want to bring their talents to the services are more than welcomed

"There's an opportunity to just look at where some of the young students that come into this program that is technically oriented that also might have the aspiration to serve their nation and be a part of something bigger than themselves," said Stosz.

And Albany tech officials say their students are more than prepared for the challenged.

"The Coast Guard is no different from any other business in our nation. They're looking for qualified people to join the Coast Guard just as any business is looking for qualified employees," said Telecommunications Engineer Technology Chairman Kaven Williams.

Rear Admiral Stosz threw out the word partnership several times today, hinting that the college and the academy may work closely together in the future. "Every student that graduates from the Coast Guard Academy comes out with a Bachelor's of Science degree not a Bachelor's of Arts, so we are looking at that technical education," said the Rear Admiral.

The two sides hope they can work something out.

With the new logistics center at Albany Tech, there are several new labs for the engineering programs that are state of the art to help students reach their full potential. 

 In addition to Albany Tech, Coast Guard officials will also visit Georgia Military College in Milledgeville and Marion Military Institute in Alabama.

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