Viewpoint: Governor correct to streamline government

Governor Nathan Deal announced an idea to do something that we think is long overdue in state and federal government: consolidate and streamline government agencies.

When times were good, and everybody who wanted a job had one, we could carry the inefficiency that government creates, but those days are long gone.

The governor wants privatize Georgia's civilian aviation wing and sell some airplanes. He wants to streamline Georgia's human resources area, and eliminate 40 jobs.

And did you know we have more than 1,900 state workers assigned to the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute? That budget is $185 million...

The group that came up with these proposals estimates they would save the state $3 billion.

We say, just as Georgia families tighten their belts and do with less, the government, which doesn't have a dollar that it doesn't first TAKE from taxpayers, should do the same.

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