Viewpoint: We need the $ T-SPLOST earns

You have heard a lot about the new T-SPLOST. A one-percent sales tax which will deliver infrastructure and economic development benefits for our Southwest Georgia region.

South Georgia has supported local SPLOST efforts many times in the past, so the concept should not be new to you, and the only difference here, is this is being collected and spent over a regional basis.

The state's planning director, Todd Long, told local officials, the estimated $530 million collected over the next 10 years, will provide tremendous assistance to our region.

Projects like improvements at the Southwest Regional Airport, and the widening of State Highway 133 top the list. 75% of the funds will be used for regional projects, and the remaining 25% distributed to local governments for their individual transportation projects.

Jeff Sinyard, chair for the DARTS policy committee said they have worked hard to make sure the T-SPLOST projects list, presented to the 14 Counties in Southwest Georgia, benefit the entire region.

This will go to the voters July 31st. Between now and then, we will help you understand more details about the T-SPLOST.

We encourage you to vote yes, and support this very important effort.