Viewpoint: SPLOST money is earmarked

If you recall, we recommended you not vote for the last Education SPLOST.

It seemed the only way to send the clear message to the Dougherty County school board, that the public does not approve of their actions, and has a very low level of trust of individual board members.

Well the SPLOST did pass, but by the lowest margin of any previous SPLOST referendum. Next, your lack of trust was verified, when school board member, Velvet Riggins was arrested and charged in the free lunch scandal.

Believe it or not, now the school superintendent has asked for a waiver to allow SPLOST dollars to be used for operational expenses.

You will recall, you voted for the SPLOST, knowing dollars could only be used for capital projects.

Now they would betray your trust again, asking to use some these dollars to help cover an estimated $9 million shortfall in next year's budget !

Our answer should be not just no, but heck no.

The fact that he would even ask this in the middle of the CRCT cheating and abuse of the school lunch program scandals, shows just how out of touch with the public they are.