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Eating horses? Ban on horse slaughter lifted

Would you ever consider eating horse meat?
Slaughtering horses has been illegal in the United States, but Congress recently lifted that ban.

There really is not a market for human consumption of horse meat in this country. But, that could change.

It is already a delicacy in Europe and Japan. People in South Georgia have mixed feelings on horse slaughtering. 

Saying you are so hungry you could eat a horse may not be a joke for much longer. Congress has lifted a ban enacted in 2006 that ended horse slaughter in the United States. 

That means that this creature could go from the pasture to the market. One Lee County equestrian center owner does not want to see it happen.

"I don't believe God created these creatures to be slaughtered," said Norma Karst, owner of Star K Equestrian Center. "They are not like cattle and pigs are set up for that kind of activity to eat. Horses are not, I don't think, designed for that."

Other horse owners say slaughter houses are needed in the industry. Not because of food, but because there are too many horses and the population must be controlled. 

Some owners in South Georgia that there are too many uneducated owners of horses which leads to over breeding and then there are too many horses out there. And that would be the only reason where a slaughter house could be helpful.

Even if customers wanted horse meat, one Albany meat market says they would not offer it.

"A horse is too much like a pet. I just can't see it," said Dale Selman, manager at Alligood Quality Meats. "I wouldn't do it. I wouldn't cut up one."

Slaughter houses already exist in other countries. One horse owner, Lyn Young, said she would never have her horse slaughtered. But, some would. She say if the USDA can police the way horses are slaughtered, it would be better for the animals."

"So these horses go to Mexico on a hard, long journey and their fate when they get there is either hit in the head with a hammer, they have their throat cut, or put down in some way like that," said Young. 

So while horse slaughtering may now be legal. It does not seem like it is being accepted in South Georgia. As for Vick (seen on the right), he is just smiling because he'll continue to live a comfortable life.

Horse slaughtering could provide more jobs. 

It was a 65-million dollar industry before it was banned. 


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