Viewpoint: Free lunches are for the poor

The recent discovery that a Dougherty County School principal's child illegally got free lunches for three years is disturbing on many levels.

The principal makes $90,000 a year, but that income was left off the application for the student's free lunches. The fact that there are no reviews in place, locally, state-wide, or nationally; points to possible fraud, not only in Dougherty County, but in schools systems everywhere.

With mounting federal dept and legislators looking for ways to cut, to cut down on wasteful spending this type of fraud gives the most vocal critics of programs more support for their demand for those spending cuts because of abuse.

The decision to allow the principal to continue in her leadership position sets a bad precedent in the Dougherty County School System.

So, next time? How will the superintendent be able to dismiss anyone caught sticking their hands in the cookie jar in any department? You've already said "It's okay!"

We call on those who are in charge of this program in Albany, in Georgia, and across the nation, come up with much-needed checks and balances to avoid fraud.