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Seniors can get free diabetes screenings


More than a half million Georgians have diabetes or pre-diabetes.

People at the Troupe Street Senior Center in Valdosta had their fingers pricked to determine their risk for diabetes.

Health officials say many of those who are eligible aren't taking advantage of free diabetes screenings even though medicare has offered the benefit since 2005.

So they've launched the Medicare Diabetes Screening Project to raise awareness.

Josephine Robinson says she has diabetes and it wasn't a surprised when she was diagnosed.

"My brother was a diabetic and it really scared me because he had a hard time with it," said Josephine Robinson. "He was always going into insulin shocks."

"The frightening thing about diabetes is having the disease and not knowing it because it can do so much damage to your body," said Georgia Medicare Diabetes Screening Project Director Maurice Madden.

November is diabetes awareness month.

You can find out if your at risk by clicking here and taking an online quiz. You can also click here to find out more on the Medicare Diabetes Screening Project.

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