Viewpoint: Overrun with repeat criminals

I'm sure you have noticed when we show you a picture of a suspect the police are looking for, in relation to a crime committed, it is almost always their police mug shot from a previous arrest or conviction.

It is rarely their high graduation picture, or a shot of them teaching Sunday School. It is painfully obvious that almost all of our crimes are committed by repeat offenders or career criminals.

They all too often commit these new crimes while out on bail, or out on probation. A majority are not going to change, and simply need to be removed from society.

An alarming number are arrested numerous times, for probation violations.

Why are these repeat offenders released on bail or probation, it seems, as quickly as the police can catch them, only to subject the public to more dangerous crimes, and the police to more danger, catching these same crooks, over and over again?

We know there are good reasons to have a parole board to evaluate prisoners, for early release. There are also reasons for judges to set bail amounts, to fit the crime. But we can see the publics' sympathy and understanding, is being taken advantage of.

Simply stated, our standards for the release of criminals, needs to be strengthened.

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