Viewpoint: More money needed for school operation?

This Tuesday is Election Day, and we need to say first, be sure and get out, exercise your right to vote.

There is no stronger message you can send our elected officials, than at the ballot box. Referendums listed on the ballot also need your attention.

One is a 5 year, 1% sales tax for Dougherty County Schools.

You have seen extensive news coverage on the poor leadership from the School Board and from the Superintendent's office. We had to join other media in a law suit to demand the school board abide by Georgia's open records act, in the superintendent's selection process.

One School Board member wanted to spend an additional $30,000 on a bid, just because an employee once attended local schools.

Most recently the very poor handling, of a school principal making $90,000,who lied on paper work, to get her daughter free lunches, reserved for lower income families.

We are asked to believe the school district knew nothing of cheating on CRCT testing, when now we see cheating over $1.50 lunches???

This must call into question the quality of the management of our tax dollars.

Many times, your only alternative to demand change, is by voting with your check book.

Send a clear message to the Dougherty County School Board, and vote no, to this 1% sales tax.

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