Special Report: Extreme couponing

For some people there was a time when clipping coupons was regarded to as something that only older people did. but now in uncertain economic time more people are using coupons, and it have even led to a hit TV show on TLC.

Well we found an extreme couponer here in southwest Georgia that has saved thousands since she started collecting the coupons.

Meet Alisha Bullard- an extreme couponer. "I'm fanning my money. This is cash. People throw this away on Sundays. This is cash," said Bullard.

Bullard says she's saved almost $3,000 using coupons since February. She manages two Facebook pages dedicated to help people learn about coupons and how to save money.

She even holds classes at her home to show others the wonders of coupons. Check out this diagram she's made to show the basics of a coupon.

But Bullard wasn't always a coupon clipper and says a recent event made her change the way she lives.

"I got a divorce about a year ago and it changed my life. I have a teenage daughter and I knew something had to give with finances," said Bullard.

So Bullard started clipping coupons and on her first trip to the store, she saved $13. She says the feeling of saving money is like a high and she was on cloud nine as after her latest trip to Walmart where she saved almost $200.

"It was $208.74 and I paid $16.71," said Bullard.

So what does Bullard do with all those items that she gets sometimes for nickels and dimes. She racks them up in what she calls her stockpile room. "This room is my stockpile room. This is the most I probably will ever do," said Bullard.

Bullard's stockpile room is quite small compared some on TLC's hit show Extreme couponing.

Bullard disagrees with some of the couponers on the show, saying there is no point of having hundreds of one particular product.

"Sales come in cycles. Every six weeks there's going to be the same sale. Why go and bombarded your whole closet or your pantry with items that's going to go back on sale in six weeks and there's probably going to be a coupon for it. You don't have to do that," said Bullard.

Bullard has some tips to become a successful couponer and the most important one is organization. Keep you coupons in an organized tote or binder.

She also has a set of three H's to follow. "Don't go hungry, don't shop in a hurry, and don't shop with your husband," said Bullard.

At the end of the day, Bullard wants to teach not only her daughters, others about this lifestyle change.

"The lifestyle change you try to teach your kids is that instead of saying 'I want this item' you want them to say 'Do you have a coupon for this item?" said Bullard.

But for now, she will continue to clip her coupons and roll in all the money that she is saving.

Bullard even say around this time of year she makes holiday baskets, and donates a lot of the items that she collects to family members and other charities.

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