Dougherty students enjoy local produce

Dougherty County school kids enjoyed some local produce at school Wednesday.

October is Farm to School month.

Children at International Studies Elementary Charter School in Albany got the chance to taste, touch and smell unfamiliar foods.

Today they were introduced to new vegetables like butternut squash and lady finger peas.

"They are tasting the peas right now and they actually get a chance to touch peas, what it looks like coming form the farm, a lot of kids only see things coming out of a can now-a-days, and they are getting a chance to talk with our farmers, and to ask them questions," says Daaiyah Salaam, SW Georgia Project Business Dev. Specialist.

The South Georgia farmers explained how each of the vegetables and fruits were grown and picked.

The vegetables they tasted will be introduced into their lunch menus in the next couple of weeks.

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