Viewpoint: Child Death Team does good

Every death of a child is tragic, and every parent who goes through that tragedy deserves answers about what happened.  In Dougherty County, they get those answers from the Child Death Investigation Team.

Two weeks ago, a baby didn't wake up from a nap at daycare at Byne Memorial Child Development Center.  The next day a 14-year old boy was shot and killed in a home in southeast Albany.  In each case, that team that works out of the District Attorneys office immediately stepped in.

In the baby's case, they quickly determined the child had not been abused and there were no problems at the daycare.  A terribly unfortunate medical problem likely is to blame.

In the shooting death, the team worked with Albany police and quickly helped apprehend a suspect who is now charged with murder.

When a child dies, everything that can be done should be done to understand the circumstances, to determine if a crime was committed, and to hold anyone responsible accountable.  We're lucky that we have specially trained, dedicated professionals who make sure that happens.