Solar Shield Metal Roofing


Solar Shield Metal Roofing is the local exclusive dealer for Union Corrugating Company.

You will get a 40 year warranty with Union Corrugating Metal Roofing, unlike the 20 year warranty you get with the standard shingle roof.
Union Corrugation Metal Roofing also comes in 22 popular colors.
It has a radiant shield backing, which will help save you up to 40% on your energy bill.
Some insurance companies offer up to a 20% discount for metal roofs, because they are fire resistant.

Union Corrugation Metal Roofing can withstand up to 155 mile an hour winds, unlike the standard shingle roof which can only withstand 60 to 80 mile and hour winds.

Tax credits are available for installing a metal roof.

A metal roof can increase the value and beauty of your home.