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South Georgia pecans to receive record price

South Georgia pecan growers will get the most money for their nuts ever this year.

Most South Georgia pecan growers have contracts that will pay them about $3  per pound for their crop.  For some varieties that is about a dollar per pound higher than last year. The drought has had a profound effect on South Georgia's pecans. Those with the water to produce a top quality crop will benefit from the high world wide demand.

The limbs are hanging low on Lee County pecan grower Roy Goodson's trees. He and his son David get ready for the fast approaching harvest.  Roy Goodson said "I'd say ten days, two weeks."

And the demand for these pecans is bringing almost $3 per pound.

Goodson said "We've got contracts that are excellent. We've never sold pecans this high. This early really."

And the reason for that high demand is China. The Chinese regard the pecan as a delicacy, especially for their new year's celebration. The Kiowa nut like this is what they want.

 Goodson said "They like the larger, the better. That's their consensus on it now."

Another reason Georgia pecans are fetching such a good price, the drought in Texas has crippled their crop. South Georgia farmers that had irrigation and enough water supply survived our drought, because growers have been running water on the tree roots for months.

Goodson said "Almost 24 hours a day, continuous since. When they get through sizing you are supposed to turn it on. And just about keep it on until they fill out."

With the cost of the irrigation and insect control, growers say this is the most expensive crop they have ever grown. They hope the highest price contracts they have ever had will give them a good profit.

Goodson says the Chinese seem to be willing to buy all the pecans on the market they can get.  Good news for South Georgia growers as they prepare for harvest in the next ten days.

Roy Goodson said pecan growers are hoping for some rain before they begin their harvest, to cut down on the dust as they gather the nuts.

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