Viewpoint: We celebrate another Sherwood success

Sherwood Baptist Church's latest movie had an incredible opening weekend. There are a lot of reasons why we should be proud.

"Courageous" was the top new movie in the country. It was the 4th highest grossing movie overall and number one based on per-screen ticket sales. It raked in more than $9 million over the weekend. And remember, this is a movie produced right here in Albany using volunteers to do most of the work.

We're proud that Sherwood is making movies with a positive message. Some critics may say the movies are a little too "preachy," but that's not something the filmmakers will ever apologize for, and they shouldn't. We're proud that Sherwood uses the proceeds from the movies to help the community.

They expanded Legacy Park, the church's recreation facility that's open to the public. And they've hosted outreach events in a south Albany neighborhood where they filmed some scenes from "Courageous," even giving away Christmas gifts to kids there. We're also proud that Sherwood's movies portray Albany in a positive light.

People all around the world know about Albany because of our movie making church. Visitors come to town from all over the country just to visit the church, meet the movie makers, and see places where the films have been shot. It's a mini-tourist industry, and that's good for Albany.

We hope Sherwood continues its movie ministry, and we hope you'll support the good work they doing by checking out "Courageous."

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