Viewpoint: Made in the USA

How often do you hear someone say: "We don't MAKE anything in this country anymore"? The fact is that if you're looking to save every possible penny when you buy something, it's easy to think that— when many of the things you buy, say "Made in China."

Well, it is hard to make things in the USA when you're competing against a nation where workers make ten or fifteen or dollars a DAY.

But guess what? Two companies right here in South Georgia ARE making products, and making a profit!

Sak Marine Company restarted the old Caravelle Powerboat manufacturing operation in Americus. The Sak brothers purchased the plant in November 2010, and they are building high-quality boats again. Their goal is to have over 200 employees in four years.

And in a delicious turn of irony, another Americus company, Georgia Chopsticks, is hiring Georgians to make chopsticks from American trees, and they're selling those chopsticks to China, by the box car load.

Georgia Chopsticks makes two million chopsticks a day. The factory has 100 employees and runs six days a week.

We salute Sak Marine and Georgia Chopsticks. They're proving that Americans DO still make things, and they're putting Georgians to work in the process.

And in China, millions of people are seeing the "Made in USA" label when they eat dinner.

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