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Get inspired with colorful decorating

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(ARA) - The change of seasons always provides fresh inspiration and motivation for home updates. Colors and textures are discovered anew in blooming gardens, strolls to local farmers' markets and leisurely bicycle rides.

A refreshed decor doesn't mean having to invest in a big-ticket item like new furniture. Try these easy and affordable design tips to transform the look of your home:

All about color
From ever-popular traditional styles to streamlined modern looks, there is a place for a splash of color in any room. Don't be afraid to add color in unexpected places - from window treatments that pop to a vivid paint shade in an entryway.

For example, Accordia Cellular Shades from Levolor are available in more than 200 fabric choices, including exclusive woven fabrics (Linen, Designer Textures and Translucence) that give rich color and texture to any room. Create an energetic kids' playroom with vivid red Sangria light-filtering shades or a serene master suite with cozy beige Candlelight room-darkening shades.

"Window treatments don't have to fade into the background," says Stephen Smith, vice president of marketing for Levolor. "Embrace color and texture, and let your shades stand out and be the fashionable focal point of the room."

Sweat the small stuff
The latest trend in home decorating is the un-trend. Do-it-yourself truly classifies as such. Customize with touches such as vintage flea-market finds and repurposed accessories to reflect your personal style.

Make the details count. Change out pillow covers for the season and hang a colorful fabric valance to add visual interest. Celebrate spring and summertime with fresh flowers and greenery in decorative vases, fruit or seashells in glass bowls.

Small updates can make a big difference to the exterior of your home, too. Plant colorful annuals to enhance curb appeal. Try painting the front door and trim with a glossy finish to coordinate with interior window treatments.

Colorful app-ortunity
Ensure color harmony throughout your entire home by taking advantage of mobile technology to custom match paint hues to your favorite pieces. It's as simple as downloading a smartphone application and unleashing your creativity.

For example, ColorSnap is a free app that allows users to quickly and easily match colors in images with more than 1,500 Sherwin-Williams hues and complementary palettes. Simply snap a photo of your favorite vase or new window treatment and you'll be presented with the closest color match. From there, you'll be provided with complementary colors which will ensure seamless color flow of your home decor. Plus, it's easy to test the suggested paint colors within your space with quart-sized paint samples.

If you're looking for color suggestions, you can't go wrong with green.

"One of the most fashionable colors in decorating today is green," says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. "Green is everywhere, including urban environments where rooftop gardens continue to sprout. Today's green trend is heavily influenced by nature, such as leaves and moss."

And don't forget that green is more than just a color when it comes to home updates. Energy loss through windows can account for 10 to 20 percent of a home's heating and cooling costs. Accordia features exclusive Energy Shield technology, which provides additional insulation to help block air and reduces your heating and cooling cost year round.

No matter your personal decor style, the change of seasons is a perfect time to refresh your scenery.

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