Viewpoint: We took a bite out of crime

We are very happy to brag on local law enforcement, and officers of the court. Dougherty County's crime rate is down in every statistical category compared to last year.

The number of violent crimes has dropped drastically by 50% when compared to 2010 and 55% when compared to 2009.

Part of the reason is action like the recent multi-agency hunt for 55 suspected gang members, who may be involved in crimes dating back to 2002.

Suspected Crips gangsters were locked up for a wide range of crimes, from burglary to rape to armed robbery.

Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said "Most people think about racketeering, they think about the Mafia. But effectively gangs are little mafias."

And our law-abiding citizens get some credit too. DCP Chief Don Cheek says one main reason for the crime rate dropping is because people in the community are becoming more vigilant… watching out for criminals and cooperating better with police.

And that really DOES take a bite out of crime!

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