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Need a GA motorcycle license?

from the Georgia Department of Driver Services

 (Georgia) - The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program will offer "No-Appointment Needed"  testing in Albany on September 3rd for NO APPOINTMENT SATURDAYS from Noon-5pm and in Perry on September 5th for MOTORCYCLE MONDAYS from 10am - 5pm.

Come take and pass the Motorcycle Road Test with a valid Georgia Motorcycle Permit and get your 90-day Motorcycle License Waiver. You can take the waiver to your closest DDS office and exchange it for your motorcycle license.

The MLT program gives Georgia license holders the opportunity to obtain their Georgia Class MP or M (motorcycle) permit and/or license. If the rider successfully passes the skills test, they receive a 90-day license test waiver to bring to their nearest DDS Customer Service Center to acquire their motorcycle permit or license.


Event Details
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No Appointment Saturdays: 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM

September 3   Albany CSC #40
                        2062 Newton Rd
                        Albany, GA


Motorcycle Mondays: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM                                      

September 5   Perry CSC #15 
450 Larry Walker Parkway                                        
Perry, GA                                                                    



About the Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program Real Riding...Real Skills.

The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP) is a part of the Georgia Department of Driver Services. In addition to offering rider education programs, the GMSP also promotes motorist awareness programs, share the road campaigns, and is focused on highway safety issues affecting Georgia motorcyclists. The GMSP directly operates 22 training sites and certifies 13 private sites.


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