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Businesses are recovering from drought

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - In June we told you about two Thomasville businesses hit hard by the drought.

Tractor Supply Company and NeSmith Nursery saw a third of their usual business. The last month though has been the complete opposite. "They're sprucing up again. School's started again so they have more time and we've definitely gotten busier," said NeSmith Nursery Manager Karen Crosby.

The lack of rain forced employees at NeSmith Nursery to water about 3 times a day. Lately they've let mother nature take over. "We were all really tired of watering and I don't care how much you water it never does the plant as good as the rain does," said Crosby.

Tractor Supply Company has seen three times the amount of sales for lawn mowers, fertilizer, and fencing.

This week's cool down has added to those profits. "The last couple mornings have been kind of cool and people are out shopping more. You know like yesterday was a good day for us. We were busy. I was like running around crazy," said Assistant Manager Lawanda Ellis.

Although we have seen a good amount of rain lately, both businesses say it's still not enough. "We can definitely use more rain. It's still so hot that even when it rains, it does not take very long to evaporate," said Crosby.

"If we got more rain the ground would be softer and people would be planting a lot more. And than we can sell more fertilizer, seeds, more fencing," said Ellis.

Lawn care businesses have also seen a major jump in profits. One lawn care worker told us at the start of the season they would mow a particular lawn once every two to three weeks. He says with all the moisture, that same lawn is now mowed two to three times a week.

The manager of NeSmith Nursery says on days it doesn't rain, you still need to hand water many plants. She says make sure you water deep, but don't overdo it.

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