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Bugs coming home in kids backpacks

Your kids might be bringing something other than homework home from school.

It is pretty easy for bed bugs, ants, and fleas to travel from person to person or backpack to backpack.

A Leesburg exterminator wants to be sure parents and teachers are aware of the pests that often accompany kids when they head back to school.

With the hustle and bustle of kids going back to school, bugs are not usually something parents think about, but it should be.

"Bugs will latch on or take a ride back to the house where they don't need to be," says Heath Bass, Arrow Exterminators Regional Sales Manager.

Heath Bass says back to school time is the busiest time of year for pest professionals.

"With bed bugs we have noticed an actual increase, a dramatic increase with bed bug calls, where somebody transfers them from one home to another, whether it be luggage or backpacks," says Bass.

And Lee County teacher and mother, Brandi Baggett said she has seen this first hand.

"She saw the bug crawling out and let me know," says Brandi Baggett, Teacher.

One of her students had unknowingly brought a bug from her home to school.

"Was not aware that she had a bug in her book bag and we had to take everything out of her book bag and cleaned it very well," says Baggett.

The three types of bugs that are most likely to accompany your kids home from school are bed bugs, ants, and fleas.

"Just take a glance around the rim where the zipper meets because that is where they can hide," says Bass.

Baggett suggests taking it even further and having your kids leave their back packs on the porch .

"Good tip to have parents check book bags before they ever enter the house to keep bugs out," says Baggett.

It might seem like an extreme measure, but certain dangers are involved when dealing with pests.

"With their saliva one they bite, they can have a bacterial disease that can get into the bloodstream and so forth and that is the main cause of concern," says Bass.

He says if you do find that your child has brought home any of these bugs, make sure you call a professional immediately, before they have time to multiply.

For helpful tips on what to look for when dealing with these pests, check out the Arrow Exterminators web site... http://www.arrowexterminators.com/

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