Viewpoint: Sounding off on Playboy Club

I've received over 100 emails asking me not to let our viewers in Southwest Georgia see the upcoming NBC show called "The Playboy Club." It's a period drama, set in Chicago in the early 60's.

It documents the changes occurring in the U.S. during that era, through the eyes of the people who worked in the famous Chicago club.

The negative e-mails I've received come from California, Utah, Wisconsin, the east coast, and lots of other places. But only three came from Georgia.

All the letters conform to the standard language which can be found online by the organization "Morality in Media." They're the ones organizing opposition to the as-yet unaired program. They also want Cosmopolitan Magazine pulled from your neighborhood supermarket.

As the law instructs me to do, I'm filing all such correspondence in our public file.

Personally I think WALB's viewers can make up their own minds rather than let someone from Wisconsin tell them what they can and cannot watch. So stay tuned.

The Playboy Club will live or die according to how many people actually watch it, but if you want to weigh in on the big non-controversy, please feel free to drop me a line. Please do your own research and give me your own thoughts, not some canned copy of a chain letter.

Those are things I look for, as we program WALB, and ensure we provide news and entertainment for Southwest Georgia.