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Huge python reported on loose in Albany

People in an Albany neighborhood are on the lookout for a huge python on the loose. A man says he saw a six or seven foot long snake in a back yard on West Oglethorpe Drive Saturday. Tonight people in that neighborhood wonder if that snake is still around their homes. 

 Animal control searched for the big snake, but found no signs of it. Snake experts say there could be a python on the loose, because people often throw out pet snakes that get too big to handle.

Johnnie Overstreet saw the huge snake up close Saturday.

Overstreet said "Oh yea. It was definitely a python. Oh yea."

Overstreet was cutting grass in the backyard of a home in the 1700 block of West Oglethorpe, when he and another man saw the snake slithering through the tall grass.

 Overstreet said "He was about 6 or 7 feet long. He was as big around as your leg. And he was albino, because he was yellow. Yellow in color."

That would be more than twice the size of this ball python Chehaw Zoo Director Kevin Hils is holding.

Hils said there are dozens of reports like this across the nation weekly, as people release pet snakes that have grown huge.

Chehaw Zoo Director Kevin Hils said "They can't afford to take care of the animal. So they figure, hey we'll just let the snake go."

Antonio Penix lives in that block, and is worried after hearing about the python alert.

 Penix said "I sure hope not. Because my little dog be in the backyard and I don't want nothing to happen to her."

Gregory Sims' nephew warned him about the python.

Sims said "They said there was a big python was loose around here somewhere." And you are still walking. You are not worried? "Nah."

The snake was the talk this morning at Emanuel Spencer's house.

What did you think when you heard about it? Sarah Clay said "I said I hope it don't get in my way. Don't come my way." Have you been looking out for it? Clay said "Yes sire, I told the kids do not come outdoors."

Hils said if this is a pet snake cut off from its food supply, it could be dangerous.

"The next thing you know that snake might turn and bite somebody's pet, or it could even bite and hurt somebody's child," said Hils.

Hils' advice if you see a huge python, stay away from it, and call the authorities to deal with it.

Hils said pythons would move only in the cool of the night or early day, and stay in the shade. Overstreet said he thinks their lawnmower was the reason the python moved so quickly from them, when he saw the big snake.

Albany animal control says albino pythons are more docile than most constrictors, but they are warning people in the West Ogelthorpe, West Broad Avenue and Magnolia Street area to protect their pets. And if you see the snake, call 9-1-1 to report it.

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