Meatslangers BBQ

Meatslangers BBQ derived from a competition cooking team that has won numerous awards throughout the southeast since 1985.

In 1994, we turned a hobby into a weekend BBQ business selling ribs from under a tent. Due to customer demand and request for caterings, we purchased a small concession trailer to work from.

The demand continued to grow, so a larger trailer was purchased. The demand continued to grow, so we purchased an Ole Hickory BBQ Pit that will cook 696 Chicken Halves or 90 Boston Butts.

We still have the larger concession trailer--and the Ole Hickory--but now there is a Meatslangers BBQ Restaurant and two more Ole Hickory Pits, giving us the largest cooking capability of anyone in the southeast.

Meatslangers BBQ specializes in caterings and fundraisers, and all of our equipment is mobile, so we can come to you!

All of our rubs and sauces are made in-house. Most BBQ joints use a purchased BBQ rub. Not here. All commercial rubs dominant ingredient is salt, because salt is cheap. Salt is the last ingredient that we use and we use it with moderation.

Whether it be a catering event, a fundraiser or you just want to have the best BBQ in town, please give us a call.

We do not have a set price sheet since there are so many variables to our menu. You and I will customize your menu with a price that suits us both. Let's talk over a glass of tea or just call; you'll be glad you did.